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-The accommodation is available from 4.00 pm on the day of arrival until 10.00 am on the day of departure.
-On arrival, guests are required to fill in the form for the declaration of personal data or they can register the data in advance via the link for online checkin that is sent by email or text message.
-No unregistered guest is authorized to stay overnight and use the swimming pool.
-During their stay, guests take care of the order and cleanliness of the house and in particular the cleaning of the kitchen and dishes that must be delivered clean and tidy.
– It will be our job to carry out detailed cleaning at the end of your stay.
-A paid cleaning service is available upon request
-Please do not leave the air conditioning on with doors and windows open.
– Guests are asked not to throw women’s or children’s sanitary towels into the toilet, in general not to throw anything into the sinks in the toilet or dishwasher that could obstruct the pipes.
-Smokers are requested not to smoke in the apartment and to use ashtrays, avoiding throwing cigarette butts on the ground or in flower pots.
– An appropriate silence must be observed from 11.00 pm to 8.00 am and in any case a behavior must be kept that respects the tranquility of all guests.
-The irrigation system starts at night so please collect the deckchairs and chairs on the porch.
– The presence of a dog or a cat in the apartment is allowed and must be communicated at the time of booking
– Access to the pool area is not allowed for animals.
-Water is a precious commodity not to be wasted, please do not leave taps open.

-The pool is available from 8.30 to 19.30 and in any case as soon as the robot cleaner is removed.Do not try to remove it or do not enter the pool when it is running.
-Please respect the safety instructions visible at the entrance to the pool.
-It is forbidden to use shower gel or shampoo in the pool shower.
-Please wash the sand before entering the pool.
-Please wash any children’s toys and inflatables from the sand before taking them to the pool

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Poggio di Maremma


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Strada Cavallucciaro, 25 Pescia Romana, Viterbo
Phone: +393409266274
cell: +393337153191
mail: info@poggiodimaremma.it